The Theory and Practice of Working with Men



This workshop explores the theory and practice of working with men and will consider why we need specific knowledge and skills when men seek help or come to the attention of statutory services such as child protection. The first part of the workshop will explore the myths and messages men internalise and we will be spend some time exploring debates about gender. We will identify a range of theories and practical suggestions you can deploy when working with men. We will view recordings of challenging and hostile men and consider how we can work alongside them to produce meaningful collaborations and explore the possibility of change.


  • Understanding gender
  • Critical debates in masculinities
  • The social construction of masculinity
  • Engaging with men
  • Developing specific skills
  • Identifying concerns
  • Collaborating and empowering helping men become effective parents
  • Empowering men to be different
  • Working for change using new technologies to engage men wider community engagement and men

More Information

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