Navigating Your Way Through Child Sexual Abuse



The most challenging practice issues in safeguarding work today concern child sexual abuse. This day workshop will help frontline workers grasp the essentials of effective practice.

The morning will explore vital and critical ways you can remain resilient through the complex issues you will face. This workshop will help you in this complex area of work. There will be no role play. Practice development will be through dvd 'reflection in action' clips.

What you will learn

This event explores the critical challenges faced by frontline workers when dealing with child sexual abuse. Starting with the key personal qualities and strategies you will need to commit to in this harrowing work. Other issues covered include:

  • Cultivating worker resilience
  • Gender politics
  • Learning from history the present climate and recent CSE revelations
  • Engaging complex families
  • Power and abuse
  • Engagement methods including the effective engagement of children and young people where secrets exist or where they may be coerced into abuse
  • Practice dilemmas
  • Using new technologies to work with families, children and young people
  • Empowerment issues
  • Developing emancipatory frameworks of practice

More Information

For more information please contact Jim Wild